Business Advisory


At APAWARE we had developed a series of services to help you efficiently run your business.

We run assessments

Should you want an independent view of your business strategy and performance we have a number of analyst of different industries to help you. Currently we have competencies available for the following industries: Banking, Insurance and Utilities.

We run Business Assessments to analyze your as-is situation and makes recommendations for enhancements.

Change Management

If you strive to implement enterprise-wide programs, in itself, or as part of a re-organization, or to accompany the introduction of a new IT system, that is often where the weak link will present itself. Even with large and experienced organization we see fails if they do not have the right focus or the management resources to support this job. And this is why we believe you may benefit from out ‘try and fail’ expertise will count, to make you sure you avoid any downfalls.

Enterprise Architecture

There is no company these days that function without IT. IT usually carry cost for upfront investment (new systems), development costs (new business, products or expand the existing ones), operating costs (ongoing costs, including human workforce, energy, stock) and service costs (service fees, stock, royalties). Further more, defining how efficient the IT organization is, optimizing the systems and the interaction between them, imlementing an ITIL layer 3 process map, all of these and more more may be part of the Enterprise Architecture that will best support your business needs.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Is your Sales team performing? Have you already changed several Sales Directors and Account Managers and yet the result is not satisfactory? Is the Marketing supporting enough sales cycles or is it just spending your money away? We figure out that employing us to find out this is a much lower cost that invest is the next resource available, and hoping that this things will improve in the next coming 6 months. We do hold a past record of successes and we might contribute to yours as well, should you desire to do so.

Choose your right Sales Training

We organize training for Sales people. Introduction to sales methodology, guide to build customer relationship, objection handling, negotiation skills and presentations skills. Especially interesting for longer sale cycles and more valuable merchandise and services. With this training we are targeting the positions of Account Managers, Relationship Managers, Account Representative or Customer Satisfaction Responsible.

How well ?

May it be improved?

Is it optimized? What about costs?

How about a 5-year growth plan?

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